In July, the numbers were released for the Gartner magic quadrant and the results were both surprising and unsurprising. The totally expected part was who the biggest players were. They were AWS, Microsoft, and Google. What was surprising, was the fact most customers are using a multi-cloud strategy, having data in more than one cloud at the same time. Also, that the biggest mover was Alibaba with the biggest loser being IBM. IBM has published statements indicating that they were more profitable somehow when they sold hardware as they hone their cloud strategy.

The moral of this story seems to be that big players have done cloud correctly, at least some of them. However, the making of a multi-cloud strategy to work seamlessly takes expertise, effort, and perhaps some finesse. AI has impacted the cloud spectrum of players with market share inroads being made as well as by smaller companies. The organizations that make an impact on the multi-cloud front, or the AI front, may turn out the be the biggest winners in cloud yet. We will have to watch and see.