We have the tools to solve the toughest IT Challenges

With our deep industry knowledge and experience we can help your enterprise find sure technical footing and plan for the future.


Public, Private or Hybrid. You need to leverage cloud to stay agile. Let us help you take advantage of the savings without the headach


In today's world of ever expanding data footprints and the need to keep everything for analytics, Storage is a challenge, and we understand it

Professional Services

Sometimes you lack the bandwidth. Sometimes you lack the in-house expertise. You can rely on us to fill the gaps


Traditional or software defined. We have the knowledge to put the right stack in to get the job done.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What's better than having a great production environment? Having backup and DR you can count on. Stop worrying. Talk to us now.

Security & Compliance

Remember the good old days. No Ransomware, No foreign countries pecking away at your border security constantly. Let us help you sleep better at night.

Strategic Success Planning

Not every org can afford a CIO. Let us help you realize the benefits of looking 5 years ahead. Lets look at the big picture together.


Tired of the vendor blame game? Lets simplify your stack, reduce costs and simplify management at the same time. We understand how to built the perfect hyper-converged environment for you.

IT on Demand

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Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

President / CEO
Craig Scheldroup

Craig Scheldroup

Sales/SE Manager
Kristina Sowers

Kristina Sowers

Marketing Manager
Shannon Jurrens

Shannon Jurrens

Sr. Account Executive
Roger Lund

Roger Lund

Sr. Cloud Architect
Adam Daughinais

Adam Daughinais

Sr. Cloud Engineer


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